How should preachers and Bible teachers use commentaries?
The Expositors CollectiveJune 24, 202400:04:35

How should preachers and Bible teachers use commentaries?

3/5 of the Expositors Collective leadership team take a break from filming their video course to chat about teaching through the Gospel of Matthew. Nick and Mike are teaching it at their churches and John is recording audio commentary for the Listeners Bible Commentary 
 The Listener’s Commentary provides clear, accessible teaching through each book of the New Testament in audio format so you can learn and live the Bible. 

Resources Mentioned: 
Holman New Testament Commentary  Stuart K. Weber
Pillar New Testament Commentary - Leon Morris 
 Matthew (Teach the Text Commentary Series) - Jeanine Brown
 Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, Volume 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke 
Matthew: A Commentary. Volume 1: The Christbook, Matthew 1-12
Matthew: A Commentary, Volume 2L The Churchbook, Matthew 13-24

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