Ukraine: Revival in the Midst of Crisis: Church as Refuge - Oleksiy's story.
- CGN VoicesJune 30, 202300:20:4319.18 MB

Ukraine: Revival in the Midst of Crisis: Church as Refuge - Oleksiy's story.

Welcome to CGN Voices from Ukraine, a podcast dedicated to sharing powerful stories of resilience, faith, and service in the face of great difficulty. In this episode, we speak with members of our church network who have been in Ukraine since the full-scale invasion by Russia in February 2022.

Before the war, there were 20 Calvary Chapel churches in Ukraine. The goal of this podcast is to provide firsthand accounts from church members who have faced unimaginable challenges. We will explore how their faith has sustained them and how God is at work, with the gospel moving forward even in the midst of adversity. We will also discuss how you can support and pray for them as part of the body of Christ.

In this special episode, Nick Katie welcomes Oleksiy, who has been in Ukraine for over 20 years as a missionary and played a significant role in church planting in the city of Hark. They discuss the political situation, the shift in language preference from Russian to Ukrainian, and the dangers associated with being associated with Russia.

Oleksiy shares his personal journey, including the impact of a bestselling novel he wrote about the historical invasion of Ukraine, which turned out to be prophetic when the war began. He describes his family's experience during the war, the decision to relocate to Western Ukraine, and the challenges faced by refugees and those living in the war-torn regions.

Despite the difficulties, Oleksiy highlights the active role of the church in providing humanitarian aid, setting up refugee centers, and ministering to those affected by the war. He shares stories of resilience and hope, particularly the youth who continue to attend church services and reach out to their communities with love and support.

This episode emphasizes the transformative power of the church during times of crisis and invites listeners to see the church as an active force in the community, offering practical help and sharing the message of the gospel. Join us as we delve into the inspiring stories of faith and service in Ukraine.