Ukraine: Serving on the Front Lines: The Power of Humanitarian Aid - Fillip's Story
- CGN VoicesJune 23, 202300:20:5719.39 MB

Ukraine: Serving on the Front Lines: The Power of Humanitarian Aid - Fillip's Story

Welcome to CGN Voices from Ukraine, where we bring you powerful stories of resilience, faith, and service in the face of immense challenges. In this episode, we delve into the front lines of humanitarian aid and the incredible impact it has in Ukraine. Our special guest Fillip share firsthand accounts of their experiences serving with Calvary Chapel in Ukraine since the full-scale invasion by Russia in 2022.

With 20 Calvary Chapel churches in Ukraine prior to the war, our mission is to provide you with genuine narratives from church members who have endured unimaginable difficulties. We explore how their unwavering faith has sustained them and how God's work and the gospel continue to advance amidst adversity. As part of the body of Christ, we also discuss ways you can support and uplift these brave individuals through prayer and tangible assistance.

During this interview, Fillip sheds light on their ministry's critical efforts. From evacuating people from the front lines and finding them safe havens, to providing aid to soldiers and delivering essential supplies to war-torn areas, their work encompasses various aspects of humanitarian assistance. They recount heartfelt stories of children who find joy in receiving basic necessities, soldiers seeking solace and finding openness to the Gospel, and the profound impact of being a vessel of God's love in times of despair.

As you listen to Fillip's experiences and hear his dedication to serving others, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the profound connection between his Christian faith and his unwavering commitment to helping those in need. Join us in praying for Fillip and his ministry, asking that God covers their needs and provides additional support through willing hearts and generous contributions.

If you feel compelled to contribute financially, you can do so through CGN and Calvary Chapel at, selecting the relief fund from the dropdown menu. We encourage you to keep Fillip and all those involved in this vital work in your prayers, as they exemplify Christ's love and selfless service on the front lines of humanitarian aid in Ukraine.