Creatives & Music Ministry - Adam Dobbs and Shay Carlucci
* Cultivate Church PlantingJanuary 01, 2024x
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Creatives & Music Ministry - Adam Dobbs and Shay Carlucci

Happy new year everyone! Welcome to a new episode and a new season of the Cultivate Church Planting Podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly, and today I am joined by two creatives, Adam Dobbs and Shay Carlucci. Adam and Shay have just launched CGN Music. CGN Music is a collaborative ministry that brings together musicians and worshippers from around the world, dedicated to creating Gospel-centered music that points to Jesus and proclaims him as King.

When planting a church, there are key positions that need to be filled. One of the big ones is the worship leader. On this episode we discuss the importance of creatives in a church plant, and some of the very practical aspects of worship ministry in your church. We had a good time on this one, and I hope you enjoy it!

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