Planting in Another Culture - Bill Welsh & Shannon Quintana
* Cultivate Church PlantingFebruary 13, 2023x
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Planting in Another Culture - Bill Welsh & Shannon Quintana

Welcome to episode 2 of the Cultivate Church Planting podcast. We believe that the gospel is the hope of the world and that the world needs more gospel-centered churches. I'm your host Brian Kelly, and in today's episode Shannon Quintana and I are talking with Pastor Bill Welsh about some of the difficulties of planting in another culture.

Shannon has over 20 years experience in ministry and is currently the worship leader of our new church plant in Bradenton, Florida. Pastor Bill just so happens to be her dad, and Shannon was gracious enough to help co-host this episode.

Bill Welsh is a church planter and pastor of Refuge Calvary Chapel in Huntington Beach. He planted in the eighties with his young family in Australia and has a lot of wisdom and insight into ministry and planting overseas.

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