Preaching Proverbs with Craig Babcock
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Preaching Proverbs with Craig Babcock

In the 335th episode of Expositors Collective, Mike sits down with Pastor Craig Babcock to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of preaching through the book of Proverbs in an expositional manner. Both seasoned and novice preachers often find Proverbs challenging to preach (and Mike is no exception!) However, Craig, drawing from his PhD research, shares a transformative perspective on the book.

Instead of viewing Proverbs as a collection of isolated maxims, Craig presents it as a progressive journey through a life—gaining knowledge and wisdom, being taught, and eventually becoming a teacher. This fresh understanding can be incredibly valuable for anyone looking to preach through Proverbs or simply wanting to deepen their grasp of this profound biblical book.

In addition to this, the conversation delves into raising up the next generation of Bible teachers, offering solid insights and practical advice. And, for a bit of fun, Craig shares the unexpected benefits that come from wearing a suit and tie.

Whether you're a preacher, a student of the Bible, or just curious about Proverbs, you're sure to enjoy this engaging and informative discussion.

Craig Babcock attended Oregon State University and received a B.S. in Anthropology. He also holds an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel University. Currently, Craig is a Doctoral Candidate at Liberty University in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Biblical Exposition.

Pastor Craig has a heart for the local church and the Lord’s people. Growing up in South Denver, Craig has spent the last 15 years of ministry as a pastor, church planter, and coach. Prior to being called into the ministry, Craig served in the Navy and in Law Enforcement. Craig's central focus of teaching is the Word of God and allowing the Lord to work in the lives of those who trust in Christ.

Craig married his wonderful wife Christy in 2002, and they have three children. Craig enjoys running, being outdoors, and going on adventures.

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