Setting Your Heart to Study God's Word with Mike Neglia
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Setting Your Heart to Study God's Word with Mike Neglia

In this episode of Expositors Collective, recorded at the "Pizza and Preaching" night in Santa Maria, California, Mike Neglia gave an interactive talk about the essential practice of studying a Bible passage and crafting an effective sermon outline. Our discussion covers:

  • Hermeneutics: Understanding the science and art of Biblical interpretation.

  • Study Techniques: Discovering the meaning of a passage through repeated readings, thoughtful questioning, and contextual understanding.

  • Contextual Familiarity: The importance of understanding the larger context before diving into specific verses.

  • Application: How to thoughtfully apply the passage to your life and your congregation.

  • Personal Reflection: Emphasizing the overlap between the preacher's life and their message.

  • Expositional Preaching: The benefits of preaching through books of the Bible verse-by-verse.

  • Creating an Outline: Organizing thoughts into a coherent outline and crafting a memorable thesis statement.

"For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel." Ezra 7:10 

Key Points Discussed:

1. Hermeneutics and Initial Study:

- The importance of understanding the Bible's message through repeated encounters and contextual analysis.

- Tools for Bible study, including different translations and the sections before and after the passage.

2. Context and Application:

- Brooding over the passage to understand its relevance to the preacher, the culture, and the congregation.

- Internalizing the message through prayer and thoughtful reflection.

3. Communication of the Message:

- The goal of clear and effective communication, avoiding hidden messages or new interpretations.

- The role of commentaries and free online resources such as and

4. Practical Preaching Tips:

- Personal engagement with the text and the concept of the "Hermeneutic of Obedience".

- Ensuring the message impacts the preacher's life as well as the congregation's.

5. Expositional Bible Teaching:

- The advantages of the "Lectio Continua" method.

- Addressing all scripture and not shying away from difficult sections.

6. Creating an Outline:

- Organizing thoughts into a clear and focused outline.

- The importance of a single, memorable thesis statement.

- Practical example of a sermon outline with a big idea and main points.


The episode concludes with tips on crafting engaging introductions and effective conclusions for sermons.


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