Digging Deeper: Scientism (With Dr. Lu Wing)
*ISMS That Cause SCHISMSApril 28, 202301:02:4758.1 MB

Digging Deeper: Scientism (With Dr. Lu Wing)

🎙️Jeff Gipe🎙️Jeff GipeHost

Isms That Cause Schisms: Digging Deeper: Scientism | With the introduction of several isms that cause schisms in today’s church and with a positive response to the podcasts, Pastor Jeff Gipe felt a need to go deeper into some of the topics.

On this first of the Digging Deeper episodes, Professor Brian Nixon dialogues with Dr. Luman Wing, a leading biotech scientist, about the ism of scientism. In the conversation, Dr. Wing talks about how science divides churches, but also offers proactive solutions to build bridges between scripture and science.

Additionally, Dr. Wing discusses the concepts of epigenetics and toxicity, two important features in understanding the human condition and the role of the church in being a place of health and healing.