139- A Very Fruitful Union (Part 2 with Tadd and Charity Scheffer)
Strength for Today's PastorMay 10, 2023x
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139- A Very Fruitful Union (Part 2 with Tadd and Charity Scheffer)

This is a very interesting and inspirational testimony ... Tadd and Charity Scheffer tell their story.

Tadd is the founding and senior/lead pastor of Calvary Ellensburg, Washington. Charity, in addition to being a wonderful wife and mother, has an amazing side hustle (i.e. job). You'll have to listen in to find out about it.

In 2009 the Scheffers followed the Lord’s calling in their life to go to Ellensburg with their four children. They have a huge heart for missions and a special heart for Haiti, as they have adopted 2 children from there.

Their desire is to serve the Lord in what ever aspect He leads them.

Even senior/lead pastors need models ... examples ... visuals ... concerning what pastoral ministry is all about. Episode 139 provides encouraging narrative to help with that...

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May the Lord revive His work in the midst of these years!