142- Identifying Future Leaders- with Bob Claycamp
Strength for Today's PastorJune 15, 2023x
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142- Identifying Future Leaders- with Bob Claycamp

Bill HoldridgeBill HoldridgeHost

Bob Claycamp has been there, done that. He's been a church planter, a longtime senior pastor in North Phoenix, a Christian commune Bible teacher, a senior pastor in Exeter, England, a transitional senior pastor, and since 2010, has served with our team of Poimen Ministries pastors.

Bob says, "Sometimes (in searching for leaders) we are looking for a product, and we get a project."

Bob says, "When you're looking to identify leaders, begin by looking within your own fellowship."

In other words, look for the characteristics of a servant-leader in a man, even if they've not been developed yet.

Bob has an eye for leaders. He knows what a true, Biblical leader looks like. He knows how to identify them, coach them up, and help them see their place in the body of Christ.

Bob's contention is that the leaders you need may already be in your church. When the essential qualities in a man are recognized, then it's time to pour in to them, so that they will pour out.

Wise pastors will seek wisdom from wise pastors who have gone before them. Bob's counsel is simple, and it works.

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