Calvary Chapel: Seminary & Anti-intellectualism
- CGN Mission & MethodsApril 04, 201900:51:3382.6 MB

Calvary Chapel: Seminary & Anti-intellectualism

🎙️ Nick Cady🎙️ Nick CadyHost
🎙️ Kellen Criswell🎙️ Kellen CriswellFormer Host
🎙️ Brian Brodersen🎙️ Brian BrodersenCo-Host
“In this episode Brian Brodersen and Kellen Criswell discuss the past and present of Calvary Chapel on formal ministry training and education. Important questions tackled in their conversation include: - Why has Calvary Chapel often been labeled ‘Anti-intellectual’? - Why are many Calvary Chapel leaders today experiencing new openness to using theological seminaries for part of their ministry preparation? - Why are the flagship Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges in Europe and North America pursuing formal accreditation? - What do these changes mean (and not mean) regarding Calvary Chapel’s historic commitment to the idea that formal education is not a necessary prerequisite for serving in ministry leadership?”
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