Empowering Ministry Initiatives: Insights from Jeff Gipe
- CGN Mission & MethodsJuly 19, 2023x
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Empowering Ministry Initiatives: Insights from Jeff Gipe

This season, on Mission & Methods, we are getting to know members of the CGN Executive Team.

Jeff Gipe has a unique background, having been a successful businessman in Southern California, and then planting and pastoring a church. He now uses these skills and experiences to serve Calvary Global Network, both as a member of the staff, and as the head of the Funding Team. In this episode, Jeff talks about some of the ways the funding team has been able to help churches and empower ministry initiatives around the world, and why he is passionate about mobilizing the church to use our skills and resources to help each other further the mission of God.

Jeff also hosts the Isms That Cause Schisms Podcast.

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