The role of small group ministry and spiritual formation
the STOKE IT UP podcastJune 11, 2024x
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The role of small group ministry and spiritual formation


The conversation explores the state of small group life in churches, the decline in commitment to small groups, the impact of COVID-19 on small group engagement, and the importance of intentional spiritual formation. It also delves into the ideal structure of Sunday school classes, the significance of discussion in small groups, and the role of pastors in discipling small group leaders. The conversation emphasizes the need for intentional, discussion-based small groups for effective spiritual formation.


00:00 - The State of Small Group Life in Churches

08:08 - The Ideal Structure of Sunday School Classes

25:21 - The Importance of Intentional, Discussion-Based Small Groups


The decline in commitment to small groups in churches is influenced by factors such as COVID-19, fear of engagement, and ineffective church models.

Intentional, discussion-based small groups are essential for effective spiritual formation and disciple-making.

Pastors play a crucial role in discipling small group leaders and should prioritize intentional, discussion-based small groups in church life.