S5.E19 - Accountability
eeleadersNovember 13, 202300:47:10

S5.E19 - Accountability

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One Piece of Advice | Make Sure You Are Known with Kristan Torres

Kristan Torres, wife of Pastor Will Torres (Proclaim Church) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, shares her advice to make sure you are known. As an experienced therapist she knows firsthand: we cannot do life alone. Everyone needs to have at least one person who truly knows us. You can reach Kristan at hccounseling.com

Leadership Lesson | Loving Accountability with Daniel Williams

Pastor Daniel talks about accountability and how it affects longevity in ministry, We need other ministry leaders in our lives to bring encouragement. We need reminders that we can be a faithful servant, that there are people around us who will last. We need people who can give us real accountability and  godly counsel. Are you inviting people to be close to you?

Patreon Interview Excerpt | Being Part of a Cohort with Allison Hix

Pastor Daniel talks with Allison Hix—wife, mother, part of The Avenue Church and many other ministries—about her experience with Church United and Soul Care groups. Allison shares her experience inviting other people to be a part of her life and the incredible value of walking in community. Full interview on our Patreon page here ➡️ patreon.com/user?u=82297914. You can reach Church United and sign up to be part of a Soul Care group at https://churchunitedfl.com/soulcare-cohorts

One Piece of Advice | The Importance of Accountability with Bill Schwartz

Bill Schwartz, founder (along with his wife Gretchen) of Hope for Europe and missionary with World Missions Ministries in Belgium, shares his advice to never do life alone.You can reach Bill and find out more about his ministry at http://www.hopeforeurope.net


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