S5.E20 - One Piece of Advice Videos
eeleadersNovember 27, 202300:52:32

S5.E20 - One Piece of Advice Videos

Pastor Daniel wraps up this season with a whole episode of all the One Piece of Advice videos from this year. An as an added bonus — Pastor Daniel shares his own One Piece of Advice at the end! Thank you for your support this year. May God bless you all as you continue to minister in His name.

One Piece of Advice | God Uses The Weak by Tifany Valenzuela
In this episode we hear from Tifany Valenzuela, who along with her husband Esteban and their family have planted a church in Madrid, Spain. You can check out their ministry at www.raicesmadrid.com

One Piece of Advice | Fight to Abide by Sam Powers
Sam Powers, Youth Pastor at The Avenue Church and Director of Kingdom Kids, shares his advice to fight to abide. This is a powerful word.

One Piece of Advice | Telling the Stories of the Scriptures by Aaron Wiens
Aaron Wiens, missionary/church planter and currently Bible as well as PE teacher at the House of Blessing school (Christian Education of Bachiniva), shares his advice about the importance of making the scriptures understandable and engaging to any person at any level of literacy or learning capacity.

One Piece of Advice | Find Someone You Can Talk To by Kiesha Wilkinson
In this episode we hear from Kiesha Wilkinson who with her husband Pastor Rodney Wilkinson, planted Gospel Fellowship in Boyton Beach, about the importance of having someone objective to talk with. Kiesha and Rodney have just launched their new podcast, Married In the Middle where they discuss married life in the thick of it, seven to 25 years. You can find their podcast at www.marriedinthemiddle.com

One Piece of Advice | You Don't Always Have To Be Right by Nelly Van Sickle
Nelly Van Sickle, Senior Pastor of a new church plant, Evergreen Calvary Chapel, in Tacoma, Washington, shares his advice about your heart being in the right place. You will be blessed by this simple and profound advice, having a heart to honor God.

One Piece of Advice | The Importance of Having Empathy by Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy shares his advice on having empathy with others. Try to put yourself in their shoes. “There is never a down side from trying to see something from their point of view.” Demonstrate compassion and care for them. Both in your personal and professional life, keep empathy in mind.

One Piece of Advice | Abide in Christ by Joel Diaz
Pastor Joel Diaz from Calvary Chapel Tacoma, Washington, shares his advice about abiding in Christ. Abiding in Christ is the one thing that can bring joy and fulfillment in your life.

One Piece of Advice | Extending Grace by Jackie Sanchez
Jackie Sanchez, the amazing wife of Jason and kindergarten teacher at the new school opened by House of Blessing this year, shares her advice about extending grace, not only to others, but to yourself as well.

One Piece of Advice | Be Relatable by Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley shares his advice about the importance of being relatable to others. He lists four important things that will happen as a result.

One Piece of Advice | It’s Okay If You’re Not the Next Big Thing by Dr. Jon Elswick
Dr. Jon Elswick, pastor of Crossway Church in South Florida, shares his one piece of advice. “It is okay if you and your church never become the ‘next big thing.’” He tells the story of how he learned this lesson in real life. Simply be faithful with what God has placed in your hands.

One Piece of Advice | Make Sure You Are Known by Kristan Torres
Kristan Torres, wife of Pastor Will Torres (Proclaim Church) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, shares her advice to make sure you are known. As an experienced therapist she knows firsthand: we cannot do life alone. Everyone needs to have at least one person who truly knows us. You can reach Kristan at hccounseling.com

One Piece of Advice | The Priority of Training Up Our Children by Pastor Nieves Vargas
Nieves is the Assistant Pastor and Youth Leader at Calvary Chapel of Bachiniva, the husband of Karen and father of four, the son of Pastor Luis and Kim Vargas ,as well as the cousin of Jason Sanchez. He has connections, people!

One Piece of Advice | The Importance of Accountability with Bill Schwartz
Bill Schwartz, founder (along with his wife Gretchen) of Hope for Europe and missionary with World Missions Ministries in Belgium, shares his advice to never do life alone.You can reach Bill and find out more about his ministry at hopeftreurope.net

One Piece of Advice | Initiate Your Faith by Pastor Daniel
Pastor Daniel shares his own piece of advice to approach everything in life with faith. Initiate faith. Put it in action. Hebrews 11:6 tells us, “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe the he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” Diligently put yourself in positions that require faith. An encouraging word to trust God and please Him.
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