S6.E3 - Be Yourself
eeleadersApril 01, 202400:47:55

S6.E3 - Be Yourself

We are excited to bring you this new episode about being ourselves. Who has God called you to be? God made each of us as unique individuals. Watch the podcast to hear more about stewarding what God has given you.

Leadership Lesson | How We are Wired by Daniel Williams
Pastor Daniel shares a teaching he gave recently about your unique, individual calling from God. How can you identify the gifts, the talents and the grace God has given you in order to serve and worship Him? How has God wired you?

One Piece of Advice | Be Yourself by Trey Brennan
Trey Brennan, Expedition Consultant with Christian Expedition, shares his advice about being yourself. He gives a fresh perspective on what is often misunderstood by the world. Reach Trey and find out more about Christian Expedition at christianexpedition.com

Patreon Interview Excerpt | with Jeremy Barahona
Pastor Daniel talks with Pastor Jeremy Barahona of The Light in West Palm Beach, FL about how community has shaped him in his church planting journey. You can reach Jeremy here ➡️ connect@thelightwpb.com

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