Should you preach a "Vision Sunday" message or drip vision throughout the year?
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Should you preach a "Vision Sunday" message or drip vision throughout the year?

What is a Vision Statement and why does it matter? Is there a point in having a "Vision Sunday" at the beginning of the year, or is the congregation better served by "dripping vision" throughout the 52 Sundays of the calendar year? Is having a church vision even Biblical? Mike asks these questions and more to the more-than-capable Luke Simmons in a fun and informative conversation about the difference between church vision and church mission, and so many other topics having to do with leading healthy churches. 

 Luke Simmons is the founding and Lead Pastor of Ironwood Church, a growing church in the Phoenix metro area. He’s been in full-time pastoral ministry since 2004 and has the scars to prove it. As a catalytic leader, he’s been curating resources and coaching leaders for over a decade.
Because Luke loves to learn and enjoys sharing what he’s learned with other pastors, he founded Faithful and Fruitful to help pastors experience a lifetime of joyful, God-honoring ministry.

Through resources, tools, and coaching experiences, he helps pastors build their confidence to lead for the long-haul in a changed and changing world. Faithful and Fruitful is a biblical vision of ministry and a lot of fun.
As an experienced church planter, Luke also leads the Redeemer City to City Church Planting Incubator for the Surge Network in Phoenix, where he helps planters begin their churches with theological vision, effective systems, and sustainable personal habits.

Luke has a communications degree from the University of Illinois, where he played third base for the Fighting Illini, as well as an M.A. in Missional Theology from Covenant Theological Seminary.

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