Beyond Words: Sermon Illustrations And The Preacher Who Could Not Speak
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Beyond Words: Sermon Illustrations And The Preacher Who Could Not Speak

In this thought-provoking and emotionally stirring episode, Brother Jim Wilson joins Mike for a candid conversation that delves into the profound experience of losing one's voice as a preacher. Jim shares his personal journey of a nine-month period when he was unable to speak, offering an honest and vulnerable account of the challenges he faced. Join them as they explore the unique perspectives of being a speaker who can't speak and a preacher who can't preach. Additionally, they dive into the world of sermon illustrations, discussing various genres such as personal, fresh, biblical, hypothetical, and historical illustrations. Get ready to expand your mind and stir your heart in this captivating interview.

Key Points:


PART ONE **Exploring Sermon Illustrations:** Brother Jim delves into the diverse genres of sermon illustrations and their role in delivering powerful messages. In his research he highlighted the following types of sermon illustrations:

   - **Personal Illustrations:** 

   - **Fresh Illustrations:** 

   - **Biblical Illustrations:**

   - **Hypothetical Illustrations:** 

   - **Historical Illustrations:** 

 PART TWO **The Silence of the Preacher:** Brother Jim Wilson opens up about his extraordinary experience of losing his voice for a prolonged period of nine months. He shares the emotional and practical challenges he encountered during this time, and Mike shares about his limited reading and speaking abilities that he had after a traumatic head injury.  They explore the unique perspectives, frustrations, and insights that emerge from such a situation., Jim and Mike delve into the profound impact of feeling as if they were not being able to fulfill their calling. They discuss the emotional journey and the lessons learned during this period of silence.

*Join Brother Jim Wilson and Mike in this captivating conversation that will leave you with a new appreciation for the spoken word and a deeper understanding of the art of preaching and illustrating.*

*Note: This episode is intended for anyone interested in the art of preaching, public speaking, and the power of words. Whether you're a preacher, public speaker, or simply curious about the experiences and challenges faced by those who communicate messages to a congregation, this conversation will leave you with valuable insights and inspiration.*

Dr Jim Wilson started preaching when he was 17, became a pastor when he was 18 and served as a full-time pastor until he became a professor.  Today, he is Professor of Leadership Formation and the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Gateway Seminary where he has served since 2006. 

Though a full-time member of the Seminary faculty, Dr. Wilson continues to serve the local church as a Teaching Pastor of Lakeshore City Church in Corona, CA  In addition, he is speaks at conferences, seminars, retreats and in other local churches.

Wilson is an award winning writer with hundreds of  pieces in print and the author, co-author or contributor to more than thirty books. Zondervan Academic, Broadman & Holman,  Lexham Press, Serendipity House, LifeWay, Weaver Book Company, Standard Publishing, and Tyndale House have published his work. His sermons and sermon illustrations appear in WordSearchAccordance and Logos Bible Software.

Jim graduated with a BA from Wayland University and a MDiv and DMin from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He has certifications as a Church Consultant from Society of Church Consultants. Transitional Pastor from LifeWay, and is a MBTI practitioner.

Resources Mentioned: 

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sermon preparation Reflection Loop:

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