Spirit-Anointed Preaching: Cultivating a Heart-Driven Pulpit Ministry with Justin Thornton
- Expositors CollectiveAugust 15, 2023x
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Spirit-Anointed Preaching: Cultivating a Heart-Driven Pulpit Ministry with Justin Thornton

Most of the time we think of the sermon preparation journey as one that starts at the desk and ends in it's delivery, but Justin Thornton invites us to peel back one more layer and start with the heart. 

He is the author of the book "The Preacher" which is a comprehensive guide from heart to pulpit. It will take you on a journey starting from what the heart should look like, to the basics of hermeneutics and exegesis, to homiletics and eventually delivery. It is for the seasoned preacher and the seasoned preacher trying to train up a team of new preachers.

In this conversation Justin speaks about the dynamics of being a guest speaker, the difference between owning words and simply renting them, and how we can seek after the anointing of God upon our messages, and our lives. 

Read more about Justin's book (and purchase a copy) here: www.thePreacherBook.com 

Justin Thornton is a child of God desperate for Jesus. He is married to Adreanne and is a father to Anabelle(12), J.D.(10),Selah(6) and Judah(1mo). He works as a Director of Multiplication with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He has planted two churches and is passionate about multiplication and the future of Church Planting. He is also the author of “The Preacher. A Comprehensive Guide from Heart to Pulpit”. Their family lives in Toledo, OH and as a family hope to join in God’s plan of mobilizing a multiplication movement.

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