Trauma, Crisis, Brokenness and the Pulpit with Krista Fox
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Trauma, Crisis, Brokenness and the Pulpit with Krista Fox

Trauma, Crisis and Brokenness are part of the human experience and as pastors, disciple-makers and Bible teachers we need to be aware of how God's Word and God's Spirit empower us to listen well, speak carefully and actually HELP people. Krista Fox speaks about her experience as a missionary in  in the Amazonian region of Brazil in Belem, Para working with individuals involved in prostitution, sex trafficking and refugees.  She is the founder of Applied Care for Trauma which  partners with other organizations, churches, and mission fields to equip Christians to work with brokenness and trauma in their people.  

Krista is originally from Denver, CO where she served in ministry with their first church plant until they left for the mission field. She and her family, her husband Kyle of 21 years and their 2 sons, lived and served as missionaries in the Amazonian region of Brazil in Belem, Para for 8 years. She and her husband planted Calvary Chapel Belém where Krista also served as the women’s ministry leader as well as developed and led the Proverbs 24:11 ministry (a ministry dedicated to individuals involved in human trafficking and prostitution). Krista and her family have currently transitioned from the missions field to Southern California.

Krista has been involved in ministry for over 16 years. She has a masters degree in counseling and is currently pursuing her doctorate’s degree in Counseling:Traumatology. Her heart’s desire is to see the hurt healed and walking with the Lord. She is currently developing a new ministry, Applied Care for Trauma (ACT), which offers trainings and encouragement to churches/ministries who desire to counsel/discipline the hurting people in their care in a Biblical, practical and effective manner.

Resources Mentioned: 

The White Umbrella : Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking - Mary Frances Bowley 


Community-Based Psychological First Aid: A Practical Guide to Helping Individuals and Communities during Difficult Times - Gerard Jacobs

What NOT to say to a survivor of assault - Justin Holcomb 

“I know how you feel.”

“I understand.”

“You’re lucky that ____________ didn’t happen.”

“It’ll take some time, but you’ll get over it.”

“Why don’t you tell me more details about what happened?”

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be all right.”

“Try to be strong.”

“Out of tragedies good things happen.”

“Time heals all wounds.”

“It was God’s will.”

“You need to forgive and move on.”

“Calm down and try to relax.”

“You should get on with your life.” Visit for the complete article 

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