How to Watch "Peter Pan & Wendy" (As A Christian)
How to Watch A Movie (As A Christian)May 24, 2023x
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How to Watch "Peter Pan & Wendy" (As A Christian)

Peter Pan has been in the public consciousness for 100 years. There have been many adaptions over the generations, some better than others. How does Disney's latest live action remake stack up to the rest?

We talk about whether the new film "gets" what Peter Pan is, and whether the changes they made improve upon the original—or if they fail to live up to J. M. Barrie's vision for the story. We also talk about how updates can be great, if they don't eclipse the point of the story.

Then we discuss how Jesus' parables don't occupy the same space as his sermons; a sermon is not a story. But at times, "Peter Pan & Wendy" felt preachy, to the detriment of the characters.