Episode 100: Author & Theologian Steve Seamands on Revival and Healing Ministry
In No Hurry with Cole Douglas ClaybournAugust 14, 2023x
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Episode 100: Author & Theologian Steve Seamands on Revival and Healing Ministry

For the last four decades, Dr. Steve Seamands has been a staple at Asbury University. As a student in the 1970s, he was part of what became a well-known and still-talked-about student-led revival. Now, as a retired professor at the seminary, he got to experience another revival on campus when, in February, a student chapel service just kept going on for weeks.

In total, the revival, or "outpouring" as some called it, lasted 16 days and drew thousands of people from across the United States and overseas. He joins me this week to share about both experiences and the fruit he's already seeing from the latest one in February.

He's also the author of a forthcoming book, "Follow the Healer: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry," which addresses some misconceptions on and further explains healing ministry. He spokes so eloquently about the character of God and provides some theological perspective on how we can understand pain and suffering or why some healing we pray for doesn't happen.

"I have become convinced of the goodness of Jesus and the character of God," he says. "Even when I can't trace His hand, I still trust His heart."

The book will be released on Sept. 5 and can be purchased anywhere books are sold. If you'd like to connect with Dr. Seamands, you can email him at steve.seamands@asburyseminary.edu.

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