Episode 102: Adam Ramsey on Being Present in a Hurried World
In No Hurry with Cole Douglas ClaybournSeptember 18, 2023x
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Episode 102: Adam Ramsey on Being Present in a Hurried World

We live in a world that tells us that doing more and staying busy are hallmarks of success. Having down time or relaxing is sometimes perceived as possessing a poor work ethic or being lazy. Most of us feel like we have to fill our schedules with work — sometimes multiple jobs — to keep up with the rat race of "moving up" in the world.

For many Millennials and Gen Zers, it's a palpable feeling of not being able to break through the glass ceiling of the current economic and financial state to achieve some of life's milestones: getting married, having children and buying a house. We are weary. We need rest. Yet we are always looking forward, ready to do the next thing to keep up on the hamster wheel.

So how do we stay present? Adam Ramsey's book, "Faithfully Present: Embracing the Limits of Where and When God Has You," is the perfect guide for how to do that. Adam joins the show this week to talk about his book and drops so much wisdom on contentment, fighting hustle culture and being present. You can connect with Adam on Instagram @adamramsey_.

I'm giving away a free copy of Adam's book for those who are part of my Instagram and Substack community. If you're interested in winning this giveaway, make sure you're following me on both. Links are below.

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