Episode 106: Celebrating Six Years of Marriage with My Wife Emily
In No Hurry with Cole Douglas ClaybournDecember 26, 2023x
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Episode 106: Celebrating Six Years of Marriage with My Wife Emily

One of my favorite parts of doing this podcast is getting to sit down with my wife every year around our anniversary and reflect on the past year of our lives. After a few years of chaos, highlighted by a December 2021 tornado that displaced us for almost nine months, this past year has been marked by a lot of blessings and far less turmoil.

We traveled to Europe, bought a house, started leading a small group at church and saw several of our friends get married and have children. We experienced professional and creative growth and made memories that will last a lifetime. I'm excited for 2024.

If you're an avid reader, I encourage you to check out my wife's bookstagram, @emsalwaysreading, where she rates and reviews the books she reads. We also recorded an episode earlier this year (Episode 96) where Emily talked about the joy of reading and gave some of her favorite recommendations.

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