Episode 94: Leah Montgomery on Working In Christian Sports Media
In No Hurry with Cole Douglas ClaybournMay 08, 2023x
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Episode 94: Leah Montgomery on Working In Christian Sports Media

If you read or follow Sports Spectrum, much of the branding and social media presence you see is the creation of Leah Montgomery. She is in charge of all of our social media and marketing efforts, and she also serves as our de facto staff photographer. So much of our visual presentation has her stamp all over it, and she's incredibly talented in so many ways.

Leah joins the show this week to talk about how she got into sports media, where her passion for photography came from, and she also shares about a really cool charity event she does back home in Ohio to help families in need be able to have free professional photos done around the holidays. You can learn more about that at christmasstudio.org.

I love her story and her heart for people and the Lord, and I'm excited for you to hear from her this week!

Be sure to check out sportsspectrum.com for all the work we do there, a lot of which is done by Leah, but also check out www.leah-rachel.com for some of her personal work as well as links to all her social media.

Thanks for listening!

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