Episode 95: Sports Spectrum's Jason Romano on Keeping Sports Fandom in Perspective as Believers
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Episode 95: Sports Spectrum's Jason Romano on Keeping Sports Fandom in Perspective as Believers

Sports fans are passionate people. Sometimes, we take it a little too far and let our emotions get the best of us. Our team loses a big game or doesn't play well and we can let it affect our mood for days, weeks or even much longer.

But as believers, how we conduct ourselves matters, even when it comes to seemingly trivial things like sports. If we're someone who likes to engage in public discourse on social media, what we say matters. That's especially true for believers and those who strike to be ambassadors for Christ.

This week I'm joined by Jason Romano, the director of media at Christian sports outlet Sports Spectrum and the host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast. Jason shares some stories of where his sports fandom affected his behavior and how he had to put that in check. But this goes a little deeper, too, because as sports fans we are prone to letting our fandom become our identity. It's easy to over indulge and devote more time to sports than to our relationship with our spouse, friends or Jesus.

Sports are a great hobby, but keeping them in their proper place and maintaining perspective when our team loses is paramount. That's the topic of our conversation this week.

Be sure to connect with Jason on Twitter @JasonRomano and check out sportsspectrum.com for stories on the intersection of sports and faith. Use the code SPORTSSPECTRUM15 to get 15% off of a subscription to Sports Spectrum Magazine.

Jason also mentions the Christians Working in Sports Conference coming up June 23-24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and I will both be there, and you can DM him on social media to receive 50% off of the conference fee.

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