S5.E18 - Spiritual Fathers and Sons
Leadership Lessons PodcastOctober 23, 202356.25 MB

S5.E18 - Spiritual Fathers and Sons

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Introduction | The Importance of Spiritual Fathers & Sons with Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel introduces this episode featuring two leadership lessons on spiritual fathers and sons. What makes someone a spiritual father or son and how do we form these relationships in our lives? Two ministry leaders share their experience.

Leadership Lesson  | Spiritual Fathers & Sons with Glenn Schaffer

Glenn is Director of Apostolic Teams International and serves as Pastor at DesintyLife Church in Oklahoma. Glenn shares his own journey in learning about the concept of spiritual fathers and sons and how God spoke to him about pouring into the younger generation. God’s word is filled with examples of God’s model of father/son relationships. You can learn more about Glenn’s ministry at dlc.tv or apostolic teams.com.

Leadership Lesson | Sonship with Esteban Valenzuela

Esteban is a missionary and church planter in Madrid, Spain, where he and his wife Tifiny started Raices Madrid in 2016. Esteban describes his experience with Sonship, which is a menotoring/discpleship program through an organization called Serge. God used this program to change Esteban’s life. You can reach Serge and read about Sonship at serge.org. Learn more about Esteban and Raices Madrid at en.raicesmadrid.com


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