Psalmcast S02E04: Mechanics of Fulfillment (Pt 2)

Psalmcast S02E04: Mechanics of Fulfillment (Pt 2)

If the Psalms are indeed prophetic, How do we “Do the math” to get from Psalms to Christ? In this episode: Two ways of getting it right.

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Episode Notes

Both the direct fulfillment and typological fulfillment approaches are very popular. Here are some resources that are a good place to begin.

A comprehensive typological approach to most of the messianic Psalms can be found in Richard Belcher’s The Messiah and the Psalms

For direct fulfillment:

  • Derek Kidner’s Psalms 1-72 and Psalms 73-150. Kidner sees some typology, but in the case of Psalm 22 for example, he sees it directly speaking of Jesus.

For prosopological fulfillment:

Music by Teen Daze. Used with permission.

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