134- Avoiding Pastoral Burnout- Leading on Empty (with Terry McNabb and Trip Kimball)
Strength for Today's PastorMarch 28, 2023x
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134- Avoiding Pastoral Burnout- Leading on Empty (with Terry McNabb and Trip Kimball)

You may have heard this phrase, or even used it in a message: “I’d rather burn out than rust out!”

Let’s be honest, many of us have worn that phrase as a badge of honor, as though it’s an honorable thing to burn out for God.

Today, that phrase is a painful one … far too many of our brothers-in-arms have opted out of ministry (“I’m done, this isn’t what I signed up for!”), or have given up on ministry (due to discouragement or stress), or have been chased out of ministry due to their choices (ethical or moral failure.

A recent Barna Group study found that 38% of pastors are seriously considering leaving full-time ministry.

We see this trend as tragic, and as being part of much greater problems in today’s church. There are the expectations that people put on their pastors — and that pastors put on themselves … these can be debilitating. “Everywhere pastors go they are expected to be ‘on’ — ready to give stellar leadership, unending compassion, an inspiring message, anointed prayer, and words of encouragement.”

Are there only two options? Is burnout in the ministry and in the life of a minister inevitable? And, if I don’t experience burnout, does that mean that I’m rusting out?

The answer is “no.” There are not only two options. There is a third option, which is to learn a life lived under grace, with the right pace, and for the correct race.

In this episode, we’re going to talking about the life-giving counsel of a book we’ve all read … written out of the true story of the author, Wayne Cordeiro. The book is entitled Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion.

Two wonderful pastor-friends-teammates of mine will be helping me in this conversation … Trip Kimball and Terry McNabb. Trip is a long-time pastor-teacher, author, equipper, and discipler; Terry is also a long-time pastor-teacher, musician, and leadership coach. Terry and Trip have both been on our team of Poimen Ministries pastors, for years. You can learn more about them on our ministry website.

to Trip and Terry: "Welcome to the program. I just finished reading Cordeiro’s book. I’ve had it on my bookshelf for a couple of years. I’m so blessed by what Wayne Cordeiro has written. I wish I’d have had (and looked for) a resource like this when I started my ministry back in 1976. It taught me things, reminded me of other things, and motivated my in areas of my own life as well. So, we’re gonna get into it, each of us. And this will explain why we’re recommending reading it."

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