137- Stoke It Up- Alan Stoddard Interviews Bill Holdridge
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137- Stoke It Up- Alan Stoddard Interviews Bill Holdridge

Alan Stoddard is the author of the Stoke It Up Podcast, and is a former Calvary Chapel Senior/Lead pastor. He is currently prepping for a new church plant in Granbury, Texas.

Alan recently discovered that Bill Holdridge had been a church planter himself back in the day ... so he decided to interview him.

The discussion takes a number of twists and turns ... it's about church planting, pastoral calling, the days of the Jesus Revolution, and other topics in the fast-moving interview that testifies to the faithfulness of God.

Hope you enjoy it.


Dr. Alan Stoddard is the co-author of the book Groups that Revitalize, which deals with the subject of sermon based small groups.

Sermon based small groups a powerful ministry opportunity that multiplies the reach of the pulpit. Dr. Alan Stoddard shares some of the ministry philosophy behind sermon based small groups as well as the Biblical precedent and tips and tricks to make the best curriculum questions possible.

You can read Alan's Doctoral thesis here: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/16328189/teaching-pastors-to-reinforce-expository-preaching-alan-stoddard

Or read his book here: https://www.amazon.com/Groups-that-Revitalize-Bringing-Sermon-Based/dp/1733690387

Alan serves as the Lead Pastor of Calvary Ruidoso, in Ruidoso, New Mexico. He has pastored churches in Texas and New Mexico. He has a real passion for making disciples in small groups. He's married to Jeana and has a daughter, Briana.

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