146- Paradigm Shift: Equipping the Next Gen (with Patrick Farrell)
Strength for Today's PastorJuly 18, 2023x
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146- Paradigm Shift: Equipping the Next Gen (with Patrick Farrell)

In podcast 146 we’re dealing with a subject that is (or should be) on the heart of every pastor or elder in any church anywhere.

It’s an important, paradigm shifting, vision altering approach to ministry.

Patrick Farrell, senior/lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Wichita, Kansas, talks about the equipping of the saints for ministry, and in particular, preparing younger leaders for the Biblical roles they are being called to fulfill in the church.

Patrick led a major shift in the church he has pastored for 13 years, and it began about 8 years ago.

Patrick authored a three part series on the subject, entitled "Paradigm Shift: Equipping the Next Gen." They are subtitled Article A, Article B, and Article C.

Click on this link to download the entire article (spoiler alert ... this is really good stuff). Here's the link:


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