147- "I Wrote a Book!" (with Pastor Paul LeBoutillier)
Strength for Today's PastorAugust 15, 202300:33:3038.37 MB

147- "I Wrote a Book!" (with Pastor Paul LeBoutillier)

Podcast number 147 features Pastor Paul LeBoutillier, who recently, and very excitedly, announced that he has written and published his first book.

This podcast is aimed at encouraging pastors who have something to say, to say it in written form!

In this episode, Paul will share with us about how the book came to be, some of the important components of writing a book, and encouragement to do so.

Paul is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Ontario, Oregon, which began in December of 1990. He is known as a practical, filled-with-wisdom Bible teacher who is dedicated to teaching the Bible. Paul doesn’t just teach from the Bible, he teaches the Bible itself, working hard to give the people the whole counsel of God contained in the 66 books of the Bible … book by book, chapter by chapter.

Paul was with us twice in the early days of this podcast, in episodes 23 (“What About Pastoral Counseling”) and 27 (“Maintaining Unity Among Church Leadership”). We recommend going back into the SFTP archives and giving them a listen. You'll be strengthened, for sure.

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