148- Getting Your People Into God's Word (with Rich Cathers)
Strength for Today's PastorSeptember 12, 2023x
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148- Getting Your People Into God's Word (with Rich Cathers)

Rich Cathers has written a book. He didn't write a book to write a book; he wrote a book that would advance a ministry passion of his ... the discipling of God's people into the Word of God. Helping them make Bible reading, Bible study, and Bible contemplation and application as much a part of their lives as breathing or eating.

So, the book is called Seven for Seven. As you listen to this episode, you'll discover the reason for the title (which all by itself will inspire you).

Rich Cathers has retired from his 25-year pastorate of Calvary Chapel in Fullerton, CA. He planted the church ... and in addition to being a church planter, Rich disciples men, coaches pastors, and advocates for the Bible to be a huge part of every believer's life.

From the Preface to the book: “I’ve laid out the book so that each page gives you the reading assignment for the day, as well as a short devotional article pulled from something in the reading. These articles were written over the twenty-five-year period I pastored Calvary Chapel of Fullerton. They were meant as a weekly encouragement to the church based on this same reading plan.

As you read along with us, you will note that I don’t comment on everything you’ve read. You will notice I may not even comment on what you would think is the most famous or important passage in your reading. My intent is to show you that sometimes even the smallest phrases in the Scripture can come alive and speak to you.”

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