156- A Way to Vitalize (and Utilize) Our Youth- with Gary Malkus Jr.
Strength for Today's PastorJanuary 02, 2024x
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156- A Way to Vitalize (and Utilize) Our Youth- with Gary Malkus Jr.

It's a huge problem. And because of it, we're losing many of our best youth to the world, the flesh, and the devil. Too often, the young people in our churches run off to college or university and subsequently abandon the faith. Also, in our churches there often is a big chasm between what happens in youth or college groups, and what is going on in adult church. The younger generation isn't learning how to connect or get involved in service to Christ within the body.Many recognize these problems, and some pastors are actually doing something radical and visionary to rectify it.One such pastor is Gary Malkus, Jr. Gary is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Victorville, California. Gary's story was told in SFTP episode 155. In epidode 156, Gary's vision to reach the next generation is told. What he has to say will get pastors and youth leaders thinking, and some will be moved to do something about their thoughts. For the sake of God's kingdom...--- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bill-holdridge/support

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