157- A Pastor On the Move (Transition- with Don Rypstra)
Strength for Today's PastorJanuary 17, 2024
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157- A Pastor On the Move (Transition- with Don Rypstra)

Pastor Don Rypstra is in his last days of a long pastorate in Rochester, Minnesota. His and his wife's move to northern Idaho means that a new normal is waiting for them, but also that someone will be called into an exciting opportunity to pastor and reach the people of Rochester, home of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Pastor Don is not unlike many pastors, world-wide. Don is conscientious, faithful, thoughtful, and committed to Christ and the gospel.

Another thing Don has been: he's been bi-vocational throughout his senior/lead pastor life.

Over 25 years ago, he moved his family from California to Rochester in a career related move. Then the Lord called him into pastoral ministry, and to start a church. Which is what he did.

Don refers to himself as a small church pastor. More and more, others refer to such pastors as normal sized church pastors, because it's a more accurate description in terms of average church size in the U.S.

In this podcast, Don tells part of their story to show host Bill Holdridge.

Not only is their story told, but the opportunity is now open to another called and gifted man to assume the leadership of Calvary Chapel Rochester.

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