Dan Steel - Why Do Church Plants Fail?
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Dan Steel - Why Do Church Plants Fail?

This week's guest on Temporary Tenants is Dan Steel. Dan Steel serves as the senior pastor of Magdalen Road Church in Oxford, England. Before returning to his hometown of Oxford, he helped plant Grace Church Dell Road in Birmingham, England. He and his wife, Zoe, have four children. During Covid Dan took it upon himself to do a data analysis on Why Church Plants Fail. He interviewed several church planters and members and wrote out a detailed document on the subject. His hope is that this would be used to create more transparent conversations about why church plants fail, and what we can learn from the stories of those who have failed. He currently partners with Acts 29, and helps mentor and train church planters in the UK and Ireland.

Here is the link to the article.

I would encourage anyone in ministry, church planting, or considering church planting to read this, and apply some lessons that can be learned from it.

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