Aftershow Interview - Christian Traina
TestimonyMarch 12, 2019x
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Aftershow Interview - Christian Traina

Today on testimony, we are going to hear from pastor Christian Trainia. In our last episode, Christian shared his story of darkness, depression, and suicide, and the miraculous story of how Jesus’s love broke through all of that pain. If you haven’t heard his testimony, seriously, stop what you’re doing and go listen to the previous episode. It’s amazing. Christin shares about how Jesus spoke to him in the middle of a suicide attempt, and how he eventually came to Christ not through a Christian evangelist but by reading an anti Christian book by an an atheist. It’s fantastic stuff.

In this episode, I sit down with Christian and ask him a bunch of questions that I had while he was giving his testimony. I really enjoyed this interview with Christian, and I hope you will to. With that, let’s go to the interview.