“Christ Our Example” with Rafael Manzanares
The CGN International Conference MicrocastMay 23, 2024x
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“Christ Our Example” with Rafael Manzanares

Join Rafael Manzanares as he explores the theme "Christ Our Example" in his session at the upcoming CGN International Conference June 23-26th at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

In this insightful discussion, Rafael addresses key questions: Who is our example? How do we navigate life's challenges? Whom should we look to and imitate?

As Christians, there's always room for growth. In his letter, Peter highlights a man profoundly transformed by the example of Jesus. Don't miss this opportunity to delve deeper into how Christ's example can guide and inspire our lives.

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Rafael Manzanares, originally from the island of Mallorca, is the lead pastor of Santa Ponsa Community Church. He became a Christian in the US and attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Austria. Rafael then served with Pastor Brian Brodersen in London before moving to Spain to take over the pastorate of SPCC in 2002 and eventually open a Calvary Chapel-affiliated Bible College as well in 2005. He is now working on a long-standing vision of opening a Christian school on the island.