"Shepherding the Flock" with James T. Meeks
The CGN International Conference MicrocastJune 17, 2024x
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"Shepherding the Flock" with James T. Meeks

How Do You Grow Your Flock as a Pastor?

Attention Pastors and Leaders! Don’t miss this enlightening session with Pastor James T. Meeks. With 44 years of experience shepherding Salem Baptist Church and growing it to a congregation of 10,000, Pastor Meeks brings invaluable insights from his extensive ministry and leadership.

In this session, Pastor Meeks will delve into 1 Peter’s teachings on shepherding the flock. Drawing from his vast experience, including his 16 years as an Illinois State Senator and his role on the Board of Education, he will share powerful strategies for church growth and effective pastoral leadership.

Join us to learn about:

  • Growing your congregation
  • Strengthening your faith as a pastor
  • Expanding ministry beyond church walls
  • And much more

Don’t miss out on Pastor Meeks' unique perspective and practical advice.

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