Episode 11: "Unrealistic expectations and unnecessary complications in Christian dating."
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Episode 11: "Unrealistic expectations and unnecessary complications in Christian dating."

In today's episode, we will be covering the issues associated with unrealistic expectations in dating, and the unnecessary complications that often befall Christian relationships.

For the younger generation, the church has over-spiritualized the concept of Christian dating/courting, without really emphasizing the significance behind the principles of biblical marriage and the function of the relationship itself after two people have already gotten married.

Something the Lord spoke to my heart regarding this was, “Forget your expectations. This is My will and I want you to operate within this reality."

Setting unrealistic expectations for dating and marriage is a major issue that creates problems in Christian dating. Sometimes what kills relationships is when unrealistic expectations are made before individuals (potential mates) are known. We have preconceived expectations of how someone is supposed to be before we even meet them or even get a chance to know who the person is. Then we judge and rate the person that we're dating based on a scale of what we want in a potential spouse. Which often is not in alignment with what God wants for us to look for in a spouse, and it's often completely different than the person He has prepared for us.

In this podcast we will be covering 3 main points:

1: Addressing the societal problem:

  • Selfishness in our pursuits.

2: Marriage is an option, not a prerequisite to advancing your spirituality:

  • Importance of being Biblically and rationally selective.

3: Prioritize the things that matter in a potential spouse:

  • Avoid praying selfishly according to the flesh.

And lastly, we will talk about being the right spouse for someone else: 

- Why it's also important to pray and work intentionally towards being a good spouse for the person we marry, rather than just bringing a selfish list of what we want in a spouse to God and having Him deliver us a wife/husband thats exactly what we want. 

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