Episode 13: "Am I wasting my life?"
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Episode 13: "Am I wasting my life?"

King Solomon said in the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 2, " Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher (himself), vanity of vanities! All is vanity." ESV. 

The word Ecclesiastes comes from the Hebrew word "Qoheleth", meaning, "a collector (of sentences)", "a Preacher"; which is a rare term found only in this book of the Bible. This word comes from the Hebrew word "Qahal" which means too "convoke an assembly to assemble". Essentially, the word means "a preacher" and the English word that we use comes from the Greek word 'Ekklesiastes", that derives from the word "Ekklesia": "assembly", "congregation" or "church", and it means "A Preacher". The title of the book of Ecclesiastes literally means "One Who Addresses an Assembly" or "Speaker Before an Assembly". 

Though this episode is not about the book of Ecclesiastes, it's amazing how the speaker of this book was the wisest, richest, and most influential king in Israel's history, but in the latter years of his life would write this book as "a preacher" of God to the World; to every person that would ever read this book, warning them of the vanities of living a life without knowing God or living for Him.

From the humanistic perspective, King Solomon declares that life is completely vain; from the pursuits of wisdom, to extreme wealth, luxury and lavish living. King Solomon reiterates the reality that life is completely vain with all of its pursuits without God. But, his entire perspective changes when life becomes about loving God and obeying Him.

On today's episode, we will explore the reality of the vanities of a life lived apart from the Lord and ask the difficult question, "Am I wasting my life?" 

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