Lindy Boone, Part 1
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Lindy Boone, Part 1

What an honor it is to have Lindy Boone with us in studio today. Lindy grew up in a family of singers. Her father, Pat Boone, often took his family on tour with him. Lindy and her three sisters recorded several Christian albums as The Boone Girls, including their Grammy Award-nominated First Class.

When Lindy’s son, Ryan had an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury in 2001, she experienced suffering like she’d never known. Her journal through the first year became a book, titled Heaven Hears. She and her family established Ryan’s Reach to help survivors of brain injury and opened two homes to provide care for survivors. TBI Talk is a podcast she launched to provide resources for those who have been on similar journeys.
In November, 2023, Lindy recorded her song, “Wordlayer” with studio backup from her sisters and we will air the song at the end of the podcast.

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