Mentoring and Networks - Will Torres & Daniel Williams
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Mentoring and Networks - Will Torres & Daniel Williams

The Importance of Mentorship & Church Planting Networks – Will Torrez & Daniel Williams

Welcome to another episode of the cultivate church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today we are talking about the importance of mentorship and the value of church planting networks. You know a lot of times we church planters think that we can go it alone, or have success in planting with just a small team and hard work. But today, we are going to see that being part of a bigger organization of mentors and coaches can make things soo much easier.

Joining me today is Will Torres, who is an experience church planter, and pastor of Proclaim church in Boyton Beach Florida. Will is part of the Calvary Global Network, as well as Harbor Network, and he is going to talk with us today about the benefits of mentorship and how important it is to be a part of a network focused on church planting. Also joining us today--back for more--is my friend Daniel Williams. Daniel has been on the show numerous times and is something of a church planter himself. Daniel and will have known each other for years in Calvary Chapel circles, and Daniel’s church helped mentor and then sent out Will and the team to plant their church. These guys have a lot of hands-on experience and wisdom to share with us today. Enjoy!

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