The Husband & Wife Team - Clay & Jannelle Worrell
* Cultivate Church PlantingAugust 28, 2023x
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The Husband & Wife Team - Clay & Jannelle Worrell

Welcome to the Cultivate Church Planting podcast! In today's episode, I'm joined by Clay and Janelle Worrell, a husband-and-wife team who are experienced church planters and awesome people. Clay is the executive director of the calvary global network and Janelle is the secret to his success. In today’s episode Clay and Janell will offer practical advice for couples who are considering planting a church together. They'll be sharing their insights on marriage in church planting and the importance of teamwork in ministry. So, whether you're a church planter, a pastor, or a spouse of a church planter, this episode is for you! Stay tuned.

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