The Worship Leader - Bill Welsh & Shannon Quintana
* Cultivate Church PlantingApril 24, 2023x
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The Worship Leader - Bill Welsh & Shannon Quintana

Welcome to the cultivate church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today I have with me on the show - once again! - Shannon Quintana and her dad Bill Welsh. Pastor Bill and Shannon are gifted musicians, songwriters, and worship leaders with many years of worship leading experience. They are here to talk about the worship ministry, and the Worship leader in church planting.

We will be discussing things like how to find a worship leader, how much skill and training they should have, what can we do if we don’t have someone to lead worship, and how can we develop a healthy worship ministry from the ground up.

There is a lot of good stuff, and great personal and practical wisdom in this episode. I know you are going to enjoy the combined worship wisdom of Shannon Quintana and Bill Welsh as they talk about The worship leader.

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