How to Be a Good Guest Speaker, How Much You Should Tell Your Kids About Church Drama and So Much More!
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How to Be a Good Guest Speaker, How Much You Should Tell Your Kids About Church Drama and So Much More!

Dr Philip Nation's work has included roles as a Bible publisher, revitalizing established churches as a pastor, working with non-profit organizations, curriculum publishing, and serving as a university professor. His personal publishing experience includes writing, co-authoring, and editing over 20 published works. Over the years, he has trained leaders in multiple countries around the world and continues to travel for teaching, preaching, and leader training.

Lessons learned from nearly 4 decades of expositional preaching, trends that he has seen come and go, and decisions that he has made to be a continual learner and to always be making progress as a preacher, and some very practical advise on being a guest preacher. 

In the second half of the interview we speak about the positive and negative effects that church leadership can have on a pastors family. Philip shares some ways that for those of us who have kids in the house can help our kids to think positively about the church and have a confidence in the sufficiency of the word of God. 

Great wisdom on tap here, I know that this is going to be a beneficial conversation for you to listen in on . 

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