How & Why You Should Teach The Minor Prophets with Taylor Turkington
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How & Why You Should Teach The Minor Prophets with Taylor Turkington

Taylor Turkington is the founder and director of BibleEquipping, which offers help for women in ministry via cohorts and coaching to grow in their fluency and gifting as Bible communicators - they help in honing their curriculum, planning teaching strategies, or thinking through theological and practical matters. She is also the author of the forthcoming book Trembling Faith: How a Distressed Prophet Helps Us Trust God in a Chaotic World, which is a journey through the timeless story of Habakkuk. She is very well-spoken and thoughtful, and speaks with Mike about power dynamics, the importance of getting and giving specific feedback as a means of growth. She also speaks about the variety of ways to show Christ from the Old Testament through various genres, and concludes with an off-the-cuff journey through Habakkuk’s view of God’s judgment and how that brings us to the cross of Christ and the final consumption. This episode will definitely help you to know why and how you should consider teaching the minor prophets!  

 Taylor launched BibleEquipping to continue the work she had been doing for more than a decade training women to study and teach the Bible, and to do it with people she loved. Today she enjoys teaching, leading, and coaching she gets to do through BibleEquipping. Still, she stays awake at night dreaming and praying for new ways to equip women to serve the Church. And, let’s be real, sometimes dreaming about flowers to plant in her garden.

Previously, Taylor launched and directed the Women’s Training Network for The Gospel Coalition and co-founded The Verity Fellowship for Western Seminary. Her experience includes living overseas, training women internationally, and working in the local church. She cares deeply about supporting and encouraging Bible teachers so they serve their local churches and communities even better equipped. 

She received an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies and Doctor of Ministry, focused in exposition of the Old Testament, from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her family. She also loves good chocolate and a great cup of tea! They got her through school.

Taylor spends a good amount of time studying and writing about the Minor Prophets (particularly the 7th century ones), yet you’ll often hear her pondering about healthy use of power, chronic illness, and everyday discipleship and evangelism. She also loves teaching and talking about homiletics (hence the DMin about it). She serves at her local church on the sermon review team and teaching in the women’s ministry.

You can see her videos and read her writing at The Gospel Coalition and Gospel-Centered Discipleship. You can reach out to her through BibleEquipping. She loves meeting new people.

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