Mentorship Exemplified
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Mentorship Exemplified

Mentorship or coaching from an older wiser more experienced preacher is a crucial ingredient if you want to grow in your personal study and public proclamation of Gods word. This episode features testimonials of gratitude from 10 former guest highlighting the leaders who took time out of their schedule to invest in them. We hope that this is an encouragement to seek out a mentor, or to be a mentor to someone else. 

Phil Newton currently lives in Germantown, TN, after serving in Pastoral ministry for 35+ years at South Woods Baptist Church he has now transitioned to the director of pastoral care and mentoring for the Pillar Network

Alan Stoddard - currently serving the Lord the Lord Jesus  in  Granbury, Texas

John Hindley serves as teaching Elder at Broadgrace church in Norfolk, England.

Ronnie Martin is the lead pastor of Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio 

James Travis is the pastor at Saar Fellowship, an international church in Bahrain in the middle east - he’s been on two episodes 

Kike Torres has served as lead pastor of Horizonte Querétaro for 11+ years and he and is the founder and president of the Biblical Counseling Coalition in Mexico

Chad Brooks is a United Methodist Pastor in Alexandria Lousiana - he hosts the productive pastor podcast, and is a wealth of information about pastoral productivity

John Chandler is a spiritual director and host of the Consortio Dei podcast 

Joe Gamez is the pastor of Calvary San Juan in Washington state 

Brian Brodersen serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Brian is also the president of Calvary Chapel Bible College, the Calvary Global Network, and he is the Festival Director of Creation Fest UK. 

Jon Tyson:   Originally from Adelaide Australia, he has now planted and pastors Church of the City New York : 

Mike Neglia is the pastor of Calvary Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. He serves on the Executive Team of Calvary Global Network and is the Team Lead of Expositors Collective 

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Keep your eyes open for those God brings into your life to mentor.

Enter the lives of those you mentor and invite them into yours.

Esteem character above gifting; this includes showing them what a sincere, humble confession of sin and an honest, Gospel-shaped dependance on God looks like.

Affirm their calling and spiritual gifts and be supportive along the way.

Teach them to equip them for the rest of their lives, not just for the immediate moment.

Teach them how to read and study the Bible.

Model preaching for them by inviting them into your moments of preparation, prayer, and presentation.

Model for them how to love and serve all people – not just a particular group – in preaching.

Teach them by word and deed to aim for quality over quantity; Christlikeness over cultural-relevance; Spirit-empowered preaching over Spirit-less ingenuity, creativity, and eloquence.

Make time with them to have conversations about doctrine and ministry, keeping Christ the center of them all.

Introduce them to other Christian voices. Teach them how to listen, teach them how to read, and discuss with them what they are learning.

Be willing to take risks with them.

Correct when correction is necessary and encourage when encouragement is needed.

Don’t attach your identity and worth to their success and failures but show them what a true understanding of your identity and worth in Christ looks like.

Be thankful and present when you have them and be thankful and hopeful when God takes them to other places and other people.

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