Preach The Word, Don’t Work The Crowd - Chris Thomas
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Preach The Word, Don’t Work The Crowd - Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is the Teaching Pastor of Raymond Terrace Community Church in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. Chris grew up in a Christian home and remembers having the opportunity to preach at his home church at a very young age. While he appreciates the support he received, Chris does think it’s important to be intentional about learning how to preach. At the age of 19, Chris was living in the “bush” or remote outback of northern Australia. During this time he met his wife and really began honing his craft as a young preacher. He reflects on a journey through very informal training and is thankful for God’s grace along the way. Christ also shares how his journey as a father has greatly impacted his preaching style and understanding of the Gospel. 

Chris considers himself “A fortunate husband, a father of three and dad to five; I’m an advocate of foster care as an implication of the gospel.” He loves spending time outdoors and can often be found around a campfire, barefoot with coffee in hand.

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