Reading, Rhythms and Rules with Tim Chaddick
- Expositors CollectiveAugust 09, 2022x
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Reading, Rhythms and Rules with Tim Chaddick

In this teaching Tim Chaddick encourages us to prioritize our reading, plan our rhythms and practice our rules for our personal spiritual health, relational well-being and power and clarity in our public proclamation of Gods word. 

As you listen in on this recording you‚Äôll notice that it is short, to the point and packed with honest and insightful wisdom.  If you want to be in room for our next training event, then I specifically invite you to come along to our next training event in Boise Idaho, October 14- 15th. 

Early Bird registration is only $39 for this two day event, which includes our workbook, refreshments and a coach who you and a small group of others will be assigned to to experience the event together, lead small group breakouts and invest in your current or future teaching and preaching ministry. 

This event is open to men and women of all ages, and Christians in all stages and categories of ministry. This is open for lead pastors, women ministry directors, youth leaders, parachurch ministries: anyone who wants to grow in their personal study and public proclamation of God‚Äôs Word.  There is room for you, and your team. 

 This was recorded in Costa Mesa, California at our most recent Expositors Collective training event. Our next in-person Training Weekend for men and women of all ages will be in Boise, Idaho on October 14-15, 2022 at Calvary Boise. In this interactive seminar, attendees will meet in groups and build ongoing relationships. Register at 

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